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Welcome to Lami Vapes the new generation of disposable vape and pod systems.

The 20mg Lami Skis Disposable Vaping Device offers a brilliant, streamline body design and a smooth comfort grip that fits the ergonomics for a superior vaping experience, whilst every single part of Lami Lite & Lami Pods are 100% recyclable, including all of our packaging. Discover our wide range of vapes below.

Lami skis vapes different flavours


Lami Skis Disposable has a pre-filled 2ml e-liquid capacity with 20mg of nicotine salt which will last up to around 600 puffs and are available in 6 flavours.

Lami lite rechargeable vapes

LAMI lite

Available in 4 attractive anodised colours, each Lami Lite is fully rechargeable, and is 100% recyclable, including all packaging

Lami vape pods

LAMI pods

Available in 9 flavours, Lami Pods are designed to be used with Lami Lites, and each 100% recyclable pod gives up to 600 puffs


Be part of the new generation of disposable vape and pod systems.

LAMI Skis – Disposable Vapes

A New Generation of Disposable Vapes | 6 distinct flavours | Ready to go

Lami vapes - Icy watermelon
Lami vapes - strawberry kiwi
Lami vapes - tropical storm
Lami vapes - Icy Grape
Lami vapes - Crispy Menthol
Lami vapes - Mixed berries

LAMI Lite – Rechargeable Vapes

Fully rechargeable | Available in 4 stunning colours | 100% recyclable